Vaidya Yoanna Mingay

I have been working with Ayurveda, Yoga and Alexander Technique for over 20 years now. After studying flute at music college I discovered Indian medicine, yoga and meditation. This helped me to manage chronic stress and treat recurring stomach ulcers, improve my sleep patterns, and increase my immunity and energy levels. I became fascinated by the mind-body connection and this new understanding of myself and my health. I was so inspired by the many benefits I received from these healing methods that I decided to change my career to share them with other people.

I studied for a BA(hons) degree in Ayurveda followed by clinical training at SDM Ayurvedic Hospital in Karnataka, South India. My dissertation focused on the many ways in which stress affects health and well being and how Ayurveda can correct these imbalances. I continued my study of pulse reading with Dr Vasant Lad and Ayushakti, Mumbai.

My practice in Ayurveda includes consultations, diagnostic pulse reading, diet and nutrition, detox programs and various treatments such as Marma energy point therapy, herbal oil massage and Pinda Sweda deep heat treatments. I trained to teach yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga and offer individual sessions in therapeutic yoga, yogic breathing/pranayama and mindfulness/meditation.

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