1. Discover how Dr.Christoph Garner got relief from 10 years of severe stiffness in frozen shoulder.
2. Watch the powerful story of freedom from Osteoporosis.
3. Amrit’s 3 years old skin rashes got relieved and improved vitality.
4. Harsha's bronchogenic cyst size is been reduced.
5. Tennis elbow pain can be relieved with Ayushakti's natural detox treatment.

Claudia was suffering from tennis elbow pain for last 4months. With Ayushakti detox panchkarma treatment she got complete relief from tennis elbow pain.

6. How to get treated with Arthritis & Breathlessness, Wheezing with Ayushakti's detox treatment
Ashwini was suffering with Arthritis,breathlessness & wheezing from last 3 years. After doing panchkarma detox treatment at Ayushakti center.She got 95% relief. She was very happy with that and she was benefited with weight loss & skin improvement too.
7. How to lose weight with Ayushakti’s natural detox treatments
Within 3 weeks of Ayushakti detox programme Varenna remarkably reduced her weight.
8. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
9. Relieve Chronic Cough, Cold, Allergy & Asthma with Ayurveda
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