Vaidya Smita Naram’s New Book

 Your Health in Your Hands is a clear guide to using Ayurveda to restore and maintain good health.

Dr Smita Naram begins by telling the stories of patients who have used Ayurveda to restore balanced health to themselves, to give us a clear understanding of how this effective and profound, ancient Indian system of medicine and life works to restore health and well-being.

This understanding leads to the core of Your Health in Your Hands, a manual of practical and proven ways in which we ourselves can make a real difference to our health.

It focuses on 11 groups of common health issues which are often seen in Ayushakti clinics;

Joint Pain
Skin Disorders and Skin Care
Stress and Depression
Sleep Disorders
Reducing Weight
Reducing High Cholesterol
Balancing High Blood Pressure
Coughs and Colds
Hair Loss and Hair Care
Common Digestive Disorders.

This is followed by Dr Smita Naram’s valuable insights into Diet, Health and the Stages of Life, so we can be clear about how our diets need to change according to the stage of life we are living, and shows us how our health is truly in our own hands.

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