Vaidya Richa Varma

Vaidya Richa Varma holds regular clinics in Northwood and Borehamwood.
She obtained her degree in Ayurveda in the UK. She then went on to study and train for several years with some of the foremost Ayurvedic masters in centres all over India, Europe and the UK. She has extensive experience working with eminent clinics around the world since 2000. For many years she has been working with Dr.Smita Naram, practising pulse diagnosis.
The Pulse Reading Consultation
A typical consultation involves pulse reading and questions about diet and lifestyle.
Ayurvedic herbs, diet, lifestyle advice and marma therapy are prescribed to effectively treat different conditions.

Accomplished and accommodating, Richa exemplifies the modern clinical approach to Ayurveda with her warm, friendly and informative consultations.

Consultation Fees are charged per person
• First time consultation: £50
• Follow up consultation: £30
• For children under 13 years: £30 (£25 for follow up consultation)

To make an appointment
Please Phone: 07949-205-996
Send an Email to:

Clinic – All consultations are by prior appointment only.
Clinic address: Northwood and Borehamwood

Parking & Public transport available