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20 & 21 June 2020


24 June 2020


25 June 2020


27 June 2020


28 June 2020

Rest of the UK

30 June 2020

Video Consultation with Vaidya Smita Naram

WATFORD 20th & 21st June 2020 
CROYDON 24th June 2020 
NEWBURY PARK 25th June 2020 
LEICESTER 27th June 2020 
CAMBERLEY 28th June 2020
 Rest of the UK 30th June 2020 

Every consultation is individual. Due to current COVID-19 situation each video consultation is around 30 Minutes out of which you have 15 minutes with Vaidya Smita Naram and 15 Minutes with a second practitioner.

Vaidya Smita Naram,  will evaluate the symptoms and provide her diagnosis based on various questions and observations via video consultation.  At the time of your consultation Vaidya Naram is able to ascertain what is happening on the physical, mental and emotional levels of your being. With many years extensive experience, this process is completed within moments. Vaidya Naram will share her findings with you.

A detailed consultation on diet and Lifestyle with a second practitioner

Here you will meet with a second ayurvedic practitioner who will give you further detail on how to work with your program and the herbal supplements.  You will be given simple dietary guidelines. It is the experience of most people that by following these guidelines, the herbs have greater potency and faster effect. This detailed consultation is included in your consultation fee. (Use coupon code “KIDS” for children under 13)

Ayushakti’s potent herbal formulas are manufactured in NSF- USA certified factory with most modern facility to ensure quality and effectiveness. Each batch of Ayushakti product is tested for Heavy Metals in a European lab before they made available to the customers.

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